Happiness is a State of Mind: Stay Happy, Be Rich


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All of us have an innate capacity for happiness and being wealthy because we are resilient beings. Happiness brings with it more joy, more competence, more productivity, and more success. The key paradigm is to realign your focus and diminish stress that comes from a narrowly defined focus. Studying and admiring rich successful people I learned that there is a thread of consistency that runs through them: they do not worry about money and each had a strong unshakeable belief in their own ability to see the grand picture, loved their lives and had great self-esteem. There is a correlation between less worrying and success. Less worrying equates to more success in life for too much worrying creates fear, and fear prevents an individual to move upward and forward with their full potential. Worrying about not having enough will only attract the negative thoughts, and you end up with “nothing” in actuality. If you ask God specifically to give you money, it is likely that your prayers will go unanswered because there is a trace of selfishness inherent in that prayer.

Instead if one replaced it by simply asking God to make you an instrument of hope for others your chances of such a prayer being accepted is greater. Any time you give of yourself, whether it is money, ideas, time, energy or love, you are bound to receive more; for it is in the giving that we receive abundance. Actually giving is an energy that by helping others creates an even more powerful energy in others. Everything you give today will come back to you in manifold. That in pure simplistic term is the Natural Law of the Universe designed to keep things in “balance” for the Universe knows what it is doing. It is no great accomplishment trying to do great things when all that it required from each of us is to do small things with great love. It is often said that “the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” and this is why in order to do something we need to take the first step, and with each step that we take we initiate a process that will bring us closer to our goals whatever they be. To arrive at a specific destination, you have to start at some point. It is not necessary to look too far ahead over the horizon or too far back, simply it is necessary to focus on the present and follow your grand design. Success does not happen overnight just as one cannot be educated overnight. It is an on-going continuous process with short intervals in between to pause, re-focus and realign the course of the journey. We keep postponing our “journey to change’ in the hope conditions will change over the next week or the next month when in reality nothing really changes in life unless we take control and change it ourselves.

One of the problems why some people do not or cannot succeed in life or find the happiness that they are constantly looking for is the notion of “attachment” and “caring”. We are all born free, and technically when we are born we are detached from our mother’s womb at birth. This detachment does not mean that we become “non-attached” to our mothers and therefore become uncaring. However, in order to move forward in life it is necessary to become non-attached to an outcome, and to become emotionally free, because all sorts of attachment create fear, and sets in motion negative thoughts that destroy our inner self-confidence. When there are no attachments to material things in life, there are no pressures to perform or succeed.

The only form of attachment which is helpful in achieving success is the faith and belief in God, and to understand and know that the Hand that made all of us is Divine. This feeling which is both an exhilaration and enthusiasm brings great joy and success to virtually everything a human being does. It is this passionate feeling and attachment that helps to keep us focused fully in the present “moment of time and truth” in our lives. It sees to it that our mind does not wander off from the “reality”. Too many of us live in the moments past or moments yet to come.

To be successful and wealthy it is also necessary to develop the ability to meditate and reflect on one’s life for reflection brings to life the truth of what is really going on by helping to remove the blind spots in our thinking. These two abilities require a strong desire to change from within. Every successful person will in his or her life time be confronted with or face frustrations, hurdles and fear of change. To be successful requires transcending the problems because every problem has a solution. There is more than one way to get where you want to be without dwelling on problems and frustrations. Staying focused and reflecting on what is required to accomplish the goals is what will get rid of the problems.


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Syed Hussain, Ph.D: Banker, Bankruptcy Analyst, Forensic Accounting & Fraud Examiner, Cyber-Crime & Anti-Money Laundering Advisor, Internal Auditor & Counterterrorism Strategist . As an avid reader and traveler, the former air force pilot, likes to connect with like minded people and engage in intelligent conversations. He enjoys music, film and politics, as well as visiting museums, art galleries and air shows. Syed enjoys horse back riding and swimming. Besides English, he speaks other languages. At the end of the day, he can be found relaxing with a good beer and a fine meal.

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