Reinvent & Reposition Your Life: To Reach Your Goals and Become the Original You

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There is an often quoted proverb of Aesop—the saying of which goes like this, “you cannot please everyone”. Being your own person is not a new struggle. In every age people have constantly struggled to be themselves. What I see missing from this age old problem is the faculty of insight that all of us have been blessed with and the intuitive ability which unfortunately we do not often use these to our advantage. There is nothing wonderful or joyful about feeling trapped or coerced in a life devoid of happiness and fulfillment. The rapidly changing world around us constantly calls for reinventing ourselves in the ways we never thought were possible. The need to be appreciated is so intense that some people even go to the extent of believing if they act weak and meek other people are sure to love them, or if they go along with the crowd just to please them, they will feel protected from any blame; and that if they keep their hands tied up and do not work, or make any effort somebody will likely feed them.

The truth is that you cannot succeed if you do not know the strength of power within you and how to use it. The moment you take a decision—any decision you are now stepping out of the mental cage you have built around you. You embark on the first step to taking charge of your life. Making a decision reveals something about you as a human being. It differentiates us from the rest. It tells others who we are. Taking no decision is a decision too; and not choosing to make a decision can be mentally exhausting too for some. If you try to be all things to all people, you will disappear from the radar and please no one. There has to be some sort of an emotional separation from people, places and things to be really you. Emotional separation does not mean lack of feelings for anyone. In fact it calls on you have to accept and recognize who you are that really counts in defining you. You should strive for fullness, lean towards those moments that strengthen you, act on what invigorates you and do not agonize over what you are not.

While we have been created by the Supreme Creator, the Lord and Master of the Universe, we actually create our own personality whether realize it or not. We take little pieces and bits from life’s experience, the trials and tribulations and blend them into our own life, and in so doing we invent our unique personality. Those who are willing to change their lives win, and those who do not or will not change themselves lose. It is that simple. We know that there are twelve notes in a musical scale and yet there are hundreds of thousands of unique compositions from those notes, but it all boils down to how they are put together and composed. Thinking of success and a winning requires a change in mindset.  We have to learn to talk in words that spell of hope and happiness, and that requires a positive attitude and strong faith. And as we look for little mercies in every adversities and set backs we face, we note that there is a Divinity that is shaping our lives as we show a little effort to change ourselves. No one is placed on the Planet to fail.

I often hear the time worn cliché that olds habits do not die, or that they are difficult to break. My response to that is why waste energy exhausting yourself trying to break them when all you have to do is simply start a new one which by its own power and momentum will over ride the old habits eventually. In other words action is important, and herein comes the Law of Inertia. An object at rest takes a much greater amount of energy to move than that which is already rolling; and as the Law of Motion states a body in motion keeps on moving until it is stopped.  However, from this we observe that there is a clear distinction between motion and action. As a human beings we are bigger than our feelings, and it is therefore important  to dominate our feelings. Feelings are just a part of an individual’s many emotions and a natural order of balance; emotions such as those that spring from fear and anxiety, happiness and sadness, courage and cowardice, war and peace, order and anarchy, sickness and health, love and hate. None of these are  created to be bigger than you. For instance if you muster the courage to face your fears, it has a way of shrinking to a manageable size. It is the fear of failure that prevents us to show our true potential and which immobilizes us from pursuing and achieving our goals. Overcoming fear requires taking deliberate action in incremental stages, pausing at times, gathering strength and momentum with the flow at the time when opportunity is right. Likewise enthusiasm is contagious because not only does it motivate us, it brings out the sparkle in our eyes, the confidence in our gait, the warmth in our handshake and a strong surge of energy which grows on others with whom we come in contact with. Enthusiastic people are positive people.

However, before taking charge of our life, it is necessary first that we learn to understand ourselves, and this understanding of self can only come about through self knowledge, self appreciation and self respect all of which must be in sync with respect and appreciation of others. Understanding ourselves also calls for investing a portion of time on our personal development, and not limiting our choices only to what seems possible or reasonable. It is equally important to try and see things for their full potential and not just what they seem to appear today; to distinguish between illusion and reality. In essence to see the great possibility of future within our grasp, the desire and change must come from the inside which is why knowing ourself first is essential. Realize that no one knows you better than you. The struggle to become better starts from within us and is constant.

Reinventing ourselves to be better human beings requires developing a positive attitude and becoming a possibility thinker. All things are possible to those who believe in the value of their dreams. The solutions to all our problems and challenges are right before us if we understand the cause-effect relationship. Every action of ours causes a reaction or response from others. It is absolutely essential to get rid of all negativity from our mind and replace it with positivity. There is a powerful force of nature which works through our mind and which some call the “Law of Attraction”. The mind is like a magnet and it tends to attract to it whatever it thinks or conceives. It works in a mysterious way to bring to us whatever we unconsciously desire and want. It calls for acceptance of the magic of believing, having a strong faith, learning to count our blessings each day and understanding that we are constantly being tested through various acts of nature to see how positive, committed and patient we remain against whatever comes in our way. There is no problem big or small that cannot be solved if we have strong faith and create an aura of self competency through positive mental attitude.

Human beings are “cosmic beings” with all the power, all the wisdom, all the intelligence, all the perfection and all the magnificence endowed to them by the Creator of the Universe. To attain happiness it is time we stop thinking of past misfortunes or difficulties, stop blaming others for our failures.  It calls for a paradigm shift in our mental philosophy. Happiness can be elusive to some if we continue on the path to chase it without knowing where to look for it. It is also relative as it may mean different things to different people. The best way to be happy and successful in life is take small single steps one at a time, and not look too far ahead or to look far back. Happy people are self confident people, competent people, positive people, productive and creative people who are constantly inspiring and motivating others. Our ability to think is unlimited and so the things we can think into existence are unlimited. Everything comes into existence from our thinking and feeling it in the mind first before it actualizes in physical or material shape or kind. The Universe is a powerful and abundant creative limitless energy source. It offers all things to all people. It is how we use it that shapes our lives. All of us have the ability to choose what we want to experience. The essence of Law of Abundance is that you must think abundance, see abundance, feel abundance, believe abundance and not let any thoughts of limitation enter your mind. To be happy, it is vital to fill ourselves with love first so that we become a strong magnet. The Law of Attraction is the Law of Creation. According to Quantum Physics everything emerges from thoughts—we are constantly thinking, no matter what we do. Creation is always happening and unfolding before our eyes and since we are always thinking, we are always creating, and in the process we create our own life.

Nothing good or bad can come into our lives unless we summon it through our thoughts which is why it is necessary to think good and positive always. There are over 60,000 thoughts we think in a day. Monitoring them can be impossible and exhaustive. The best way is to gauge our feelings. Our feelings let us know what we are thinking. Feelings are either good or bad. When you are feeling bad, you are on a frequency of drawing more bad things. This is why it is essential to feel good about yourself, and good thoughts will naturally draw good things in your life and you will be happy. Believe in yourself and your abilities and break away from the man-made societal and cultural beliefs you have held on for so long and which are holding us back. You must have a clear purpose and a carved out life-path to become the original you.It is better to stay away from those who drain your energy, and instead seek the company of those who can lift you up.


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Syed Hussain, Ph.D: Banker, Bankruptcy Analyst, Forensic Accounting & Fraud Examiner, Cyber-Crime & Anti-Money Laundering Advisor, Internal Auditor & Counterterrorism Strategist . As an avid reader and traveler, the former air force pilot, likes to connect with like minded people and engage in intelligent conversations. He enjoys music, film and politics, as well as visiting museums, art galleries and air shows. Syed enjoys horse back riding and swimming. Besides English, he speaks other languages. At the end of the day, he can be found relaxing with a good beer and a fine meal.

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