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Parabellum: Study of War – Philosophy & Law of War

No study of war is complete without an understanding of the Laws of War and the Philosophy of War, the history of war, the ethics of war, the politics of war, the economics of war, and the diplomacy of war. It is from this that an understanding of what constitutes a “just war”, and how war as “deterrence” can be perfectly appreciated. War Studies are meant to provide an understanding of military campaigns and operations in the light of the wide-ranging economic, social, technological and political changes in the world that are shaping the globe today. It is designed to engage people to engage critically with others about the conduct and nature of contemporary warfare, and to enable them to understand the contexts in which modern military operations take place. Read More…


Spy versus Spy

The Love Hate Relationship between United States’ Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) & Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) dates back to 1954.

Spy vs Spy

Even though Pakistan was not considered part of South East Asia, by signing the Mutual Defense Agreement with the United States and subsequently joining the South East Asia Treaty Organization (SEATO) in 1954 and Central Treaty Organization (CENTO) Pakistan unwittingly became an “allay” of the American Power struggle in a Cold War against Communism. The U.S. agreement to provide economic and military assistance to Pakistan and it’s partnership in the Baghdad Pact CENTO and SEATO strengthened relations between the two nations. Pakistan’s close proximity to the Soviet Union, China and India (the Non-Aligned Nations), and the emerging Communist Block, the Middle East & Iran, (centers of oil reserves) placed it in a very strategic position to be exploited for intelligence and counter-intelligence purposes with the sole objective to contain the spread of Communism in South East Asia. This was the beginning of close cooperation and partnership with US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and Pakistan’s Inter Service Intelligence (ISI) and what followed since 1954 is a mutual love, hate, trust and mistrust relationship between two of the world’s strongest intelligence agencies. Read More…