Christmas Without Debts – “It’s A Wonderful Life”

Holiday DebtA survey conducted by Pollara for BMO revealed that Canadian holiday spending plans in 2013 were up for the third straight year, with anticipated average spending on travel increasing 22% to $689, while average gift-buying went up only slightly, to $678 from $674. In the survey of some 1,215 Canadians aged 18 or over, 41% of those surveyed said they start their holiday shopping in November, while 33% begin earlier and 23% wait until December.

Following this BMO survey, Pollara conducted a separate survey for Visa Canada of 1,001 Canadians which revealed that three in four of those polled said they planned to shop online for gifts and that the majority, 78%, said they planned to use credit to do so.

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About Syed Hussain

Syed Hussain, Ph.D: Banker, Bankruptcy Analyst, Forensic Accounting & Fraud Examiner, Cyber-Crime & Anti-Money Laundering Advisor, Internal Auditor & Counterterrorism Strategist . As an avid reader and traveler, the former air force pilot, likes to connect with like minded people and engage in intelligent conversations. He enjoys music, film and politics, as well as visiting museums, art galleries and air shows. Syed enjoys horse back riding and swimming. Besides English, he speaks other languages. At the end of the day, he can be found relaxing with a good beer and a fine meal.

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